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At Extruder Supplies, we specialize in providing superior service to your process heating needs.


Extruder Supplies offers 5 different types of standard thermocouples: Adjustable, Fixed Depth, Hose Clamp, Magnetic, Melt Bolt, and Ring Lug. These thermocouples come standard with a tube diameter of 3/16" and a tip dimension equal to 3/8". The construction consists of grounded 20 gauge type J stranded armor cable or stainless steel over-braid. These thermocouples can be used for applications up to 900°F (482°C) and are used with bayonet adapters.

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Melt Pressure Transducers

Extruder Supplies offers several variations of Gefran's Melt Pressure Transducers. These include the K3, M0, M3, M5, M7, M8, M9, and ME series controllers and packages. All of these variations can be specialized to meet your processing requirements.

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Extrusion Process Controllers

The correct controller can make all the difference in providing efficient readings and diagnostics of your extruder. Extruder Supplies provides superior level controllers from companies such as Gefran and Eurotherm. We have a very diverse range of controllers, each one specializing in a processing solution for your specific needs.


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Rupture Plugs

Rupture Plugs also referred to as blow plugs are designed to instantaneously rupture at a pre-determined pressure over a wide temperature range and protect plastic extrusion machines from over pressurization. Extruder blow plugs are made with stainless steel body of multiple lengths and thread configurations. Fitted with Inconel diaphragm at the end, these plugs have a rated temperature of 750° Fahrenheit in a wide range of burst pressures.


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Without the proper heating elements, an extruder is destined to fail. Extruder Supplies specializes in providing our customers with the correct heating solutions. On our website, we offer a select variation of heaters for sale. In addition, Extruder Supplies can quote a custom heater for your process such as a cartridge, band, or cast aluminum style solution.

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The correct products are always accompanied with the correct accessories. Extruder Supplies offers great deals on accessories for heaters, thermocouples, transducers, and more!

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