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Underwater Pelletizer Heaters

Extruder Supplies specializes in providing cost-effective and ecologically safe solutions and process control machine parts for the plastic industry. With our vast experience in the industry, we excel in understanding the array of problems commonly faced in polymer extrusion industry. Therefore, we only supply reliable products to our customers. Among the equipment that we supply includes Gala Pelletizer heaters for the extruder assembly needed for uninterrupted flow of agglomerate for pelletization process as well as associated accessories such as electric plugs, high temp wires, and brass/ceramic wire nuts. Since mid-seventies, Gala has been producing these heater parts with automatic on/off switching system to maintain the uniform viscosity of molten mass. The Gala pelletizer heater interfaces with customer's extruder system. An underwater pelletizing is a more efficient process for the formation of uniform size plastic pallets, but it requires underwater pelletizer heater. We are a brand which is recognized for quality products and accurate devices which are extensively used in extrusion application throughout the polymer industry across the nation.